Privacy Policy and Updated Newsletter Sign Up Form

Just a quick note to clarify that I’m doing everything I can to keep from collecting information about you!

One of the sign up forms for the newsletter was asking for names and birthdays (without the year). I’ve replaced that with a form that requests only emails.

If you see a sign up form for NC Arts Asylum that asks for more than your email, please let me know where you found it, including URL, via our contact form.

I have gone through the current email newsletter list and removed all information beyond the email address. In some cases, it was nice to see the names of old friends but I want to create a consistent approach to make people feel comfortable.

Any stats tools I use to keep up with visitor traffic to the site are set to NOT record IP addresses and the like.

Any other questions, hit me up via the contact form or, if you’re already subscribed, you should now be receiving the newsletter from my direct email so you can just hit reply at that point.

Note: I’m using an email service previously associated with an unrelated project. All sign ups should now show correct information for the owner of this site and email list.

A more formal privacy policy will be posted soon.

Stay Strong!

We have much work ahead.

Clyde F. Smith
Founder, NC Arts Asylum

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